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2019 Miss SAKE 愛知 豊田佳穂が、『秋酒祭 ~AUTUMN SAKE FEST 2019~』に参加してまいりました。

On October 6th, “AUTUMN SAKE FEST 2019~” was held at Hisaya Park in Nagoya City and I participated the event with Miss Sae Haruta, 2019 Miss Sake Japan.

[English follows]

こんにちは、2019 Miss SAKE 愛知代表の豊田佳穂です。

10月6日に、名古屋市の久屋大通公園 久屋広場にて愛知県酒造組合様、ZIP-FM様主催の『秋酒祭 ~AUTUMN SAKE FEST 2019~』が開催され、2019 ミス日本酒代表の春田早重さんと共に参加して参りました。










2019 Miss SAKE 愛知 豊田佳穂

[For English Speakers]

Hello, This is Kaho Toyoda, 2019 Miss Sake Aichi.

On October 6th, “AUTUMN SAKE FEST 2019~” was held at Hisaya Park in Nagoya City and I participated the event with Miss Sae Haruta, 2019 Miss Sake Japan.

The autumn wind was very comfortable and I served sake at 25 booths.

New sake are generally made by new rice on October. And also, the sake made in spring will be in best shape at this season. There were many attractive autumn sake at the event. 

As it was coordinated by a famous radio station in Nagoya, there were many young people at the event.On the day before, Rugby World Cup was held at Toyota stadium, There were participants from foreign countries.

The event was held at the middle of Nagoya and it seemed many people stood by coincidentally on their way from shopping. 

It seemed everyone enjoyed the event individually due to the great sake, food, and music. An artist performed with the bottle of sake holding high.  It seemed people who are not familiar with sake was pleased with the event as well.

Also, we gave a toast with the Prefectural governor, Mr.Omura Hideaki, the President of Aichi Sake Association,Mr. Sugimoto Takiya,and the popular radio host together.

As the Prefectural governor, Mr.Omura mentioned, there are more than 40 breweries in Aichi Prefecture and it ranks 7th place in productivity. I hope more people will have concern about sake and love the sake from Aichi.

I had an opportunity to talk with the participants and  was able to learn a lot of facts.I felt the deepness of the world of sake and I felt satisfaction in our activity and the possibility of development.

I extend my appreciation to Mr.Yamamori  and all the people involved in the event.

Kaho Toyoda, 2019 Miss Sake Aichi.

英会話Gaba × Miss SAKE「和らぎ水の役割」

金沢市で行われた『石川の地酒と美食の祭典 サケマルシェ』に、Miss SAKEが参加しました。


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