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2019 Miss SAKE春田早重が国分酒類総合展示会・利酒会に参加して参りました。

Sae Haruta, 2019 Miss SAKE Japan, participated in Kokubu Liquor Comprehensive Exhibition and Tasting at Prince Hotel Shinagawa.

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皆様、おはようございます。2019 Miss SAKEの春田早重です。5月22日、品川プリンスホテルアネックスタワーにて、国分酒類総合展示会・利酒会が開催され、私も参加して参りました。

今回の展示会の主催者様である国分グループ本社株式会社様は、1712年に創業され、現在では「食」のマーケティングカンパニーとして独自の「5大機能」、1.マーチャンダイジング機能 2.マーケティング機能 3.物流機能 4.情報システム機能 5.品質管理機能を通して、日本の「食」を支えていらっしゃいます。

この展示会では、「問屋の目利き」によって全国各地そして世界から商品を厳選・調達し、「売れる商品」「売れる仕掛け」を提供なさっている国分様選りすぐりの酒類が一堂に集まりました。私も地酒蔵元の会場で、株式会社サンシン 営業部部長 沼崎義明様とともに「日本酒女子にお勧めしたいほっこり酔える熱燗レッスン」のコーナーで、熱燗で是非飲んで頂きたい地酒のご紹介・PRをさせて頂きました。






2019 Miss SAKE 春田早重

[for English Speakers]

Good morning, everyone. I am Sae Haruta, 2019 Miss SAKE Japan.

On May 22nd, I participated in Kokubu Liquor Comprehensive Exhibition and Tasting at Prince Hotel Shinagawa.

Kokubu Group Co., Ltd., the organizer of this exhibition, was founded in 1712, and now has supported “food” in Japan through its own five major functions as a food marketing company, 1. Merchandising, 2.Marketing, 3.Logistics system, 4.Information system, 5.quality control.

At this exhibition, selected items from various parts of the country and the world were gathered in one hall. The items were chosen with judgement by wholesaler of Kokubu Group Co., LTD.,.  At the venue of the local sake, I introduced and promoted local sakes which are suitable for hot sake with Mr. Yoshiaki Numazaki, Sanshin Co., Ltd. General Manager of Sales Department.

Speaking of hot sake, there were many people who enjoyed it along with Oden and hot pot in the cold season, but it would be delicious in the coming summer season. Heat illness often occurs in summer season, but it is said that heat illness is caused by visceral fatigue caused by excessive intake of cold food and air-cooling. By drinking hot sake, you can expect to improve blood circulation in the body, and to keep the body healthy.

Some visitors enjoyed the difference between cold and hot sake with the same liquor.  Sake is the only alcoholic beverage that offers different flavors depending on the temperature range.

I would like to deepen my learning to be able to propose the best way of drinking of each liquor, and want the people of all ages to know about the greatness of sake.

Thank you very much for the great experience, everyone of Kokubu Group Co., Ltd., Mr. Yoshiaki Numazaki, and all the people who have worked for this event.

Sae Haruta, 2019 Miss SAKE Japan.

2019 Miss SAKE 長野代表 丸山友理慧が、「2019 長野の酒メッセ in 東京」に参加してまいりました。

2019 Miss SAKE 大阪代表 豊川栞那が「環境王国・米食味鑑定士協会」へご挨拶に伺いました。


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