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『菊水様の特別ミニ懐石の昼食と佐々木酒造様の日本酒飲み比べ』に2019 Miss SAKE 春田早重が参加して参りました。

Sae Haruta, 2019 Miss SAKE Japan, participated in a lunch event at Nanzenji Sando KIKUSUI.

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皆様、こんばんは。2019 Miss SAKEの春田早重です。

8月24日、南禅寺参道 菊水様にて、京都市観光協会様主催の『菊水様の特別ミニ懐石の昼食と佐々木酒造様の日本酒飲み比べ』が開催され、私も参加させて頂きました。

このイベントは、京都にございます「南禅寺参道 菊水」様にて振舞われる、この日限定の特別ミニ懐石と、佐々木酒造様の夏酒の飲み比べを楽しむことができるとても贅沢なランチイベントで、京都市観光協会様が主催されていらっしゃいます

3年前から毎年開催されているこのイベントには、その年のMiss SAKE 京都代表が参加させて頂いており、私は2019 Miss SAKE 京都代表並びに2019 Miss SAKE Japanとして参加をさせて頂きました。


(写真左)佐々木酒造 佐々木晃社長と 






(左から)京都市観光協会 長渡様、京都市観光協会 水本様、佐々木酒造 佐々木晃社長と

南禅寺参道 菊水の皆様、佐々木晃様、ご参加くださった皆様、この度は素敵なイベントに参加させて頂き、誠にありがとうございました。

2019 Miss SAKE 春田早重

[for English Speakers]

Hello, everyone. I am Sae Haruta, 2019 Miss SAKE Japan.

On August 25th, I participated in a lunch event at Nanzenji Sando KIKUSUI.

This event was held to enjoy the special lunch at Nanzenji Sando KIKUSUI, Kyoto and Japanese sake brewed at Sasaki Shuzo under the sponsorship of Kyoto City Tourism Association.

This event has been held since 2017, and Miss SAKE Kyoto representative of the year has joined it every year. Before I was selected as 2019 Miss SAKE Japan, I performed as 2019 Miss SAKE Kyoto representative. So, I joined the event as both of them.

It was a great honor for me to enter the stage with Mr. Akira Sasaki, the president of Sasaki Shuzo, and have a talk show with him and give a toast.

After that, I walked around the tables and talked to the guests. the guest came from not only Kyoto but also the other prefectures in Kansai area. Everyone at each table seemed to have a great time with the lunch served by KIKUSUI and sake from Sasaki Shuzo.

When I talked to them, they gave me warm reception and we had lively conversation about my college in Kyoto and where they are from.

I felt so happy to join this lunch event in Kyoto where is my home, and once again I realized that sake has a potential power to bring people together.

Sake enriches not only meal but also the connections with people. I will continue to share the potential charm of sake through Miss SAKE activities.

I would like to show my gratitude to everyone at Nanzenji Sando KIKUSUI, Mr. Akira Sasaki, the president of Sasaki Shuzo, and all the guests.

Sae Haruta, 2019 Miss SAKE Japan.

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手拭い専門店かまわぬ様 代官山店オープン32周年記念の催しにて、2019 Miss SAKE 準グランプリの塚原菜実香と2019 Miss SAKE 準グランプリの冨田梨花が振る舞い酒をさせていただきました。

2019 Miss SAKE 山形県代表 平木美穂が、『日本一美酒県 山形』フェア実行委員会 設立総会に参加してまいりました。


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