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醸造研究家・高橋千秋先生の建設中酒蔵に2019 Miss SAKE 春田早重がお伺いさせて頂きました。

Sae Haruta, 2019 Miss SAKE Japan, visited Ms. Chiaki Takahashi’s brewery under construction in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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皆様こんにちは。2019 Miss SAKEの春田早重です。



ザ・カハラホテル&リゾートにて開催された、Kokusai Sake Kai 主催『Joy of SAKE ホノルル前夜祭・蔵元ディナー』にて


近年では、活動拠点をハワイに移し、Islander Sake Brewery Hawaii という企業を立ち上げられ、ハワイでの日本酒醸造にご尽力されています。


  1. ハワイの酒の造り手にとって、暑い南の島での酒造りは困難の連続だった                   ※日本酒は一般的に、寒造りと呼ばれる、菌が繁殖しにくい寒い時期に造る製法が用いられる
  2. 禁酒法や第二次世界大戦などの社会的事情が酒造会社の経営陣に大きな打撃を与えた




  1. 酒瓶ラベルにサメの起用                                   ハワイでは、サメは亀と同じくらい神聖な生き物だとされており、ハワイの方々に日本酒をサメと同じくらい身近なものだと感じてもらいたいと思われたことがきっかけです。

2. お酒の醸造だけでなく、バーの経営など複数の事業展開                     ハワイには、SMALL CRAFT PRODUCER PUB LICENSEという資格があります。これは、一つの場所でお酒の醸造だけでなく、セミナーの開講など、複数の事業を行うことができる資格です。高橋様は、この資格を用い、最終的にはご自身で醸造された搾りたての日本酒と、日本から取り寄せた日本酒を提供するバーや、セミナーの開講をご検討されているようです。



営業担当副社長 弘瀬隆司様が高知のご実家から持参された神棚

海外でご活躍されている高橋先生の姿を拝見し、2019 Miss SAKEとして、同じ女性として、大変感銘を受けました。今後の活動の大きな原動力にしていきたいと思います。


2019 Miss SAKE 春田早重

[for English Speakers]

Hello, everyone. I am Sae Haruta, 2019 Miss SAKE Japan.

On August 10th, I visited Ms. Chiaki Takahashi’s brewery under construction in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Ms. Takahashi used to work at National Research Institute of Brewing as  a researcher. And also, she held her seminars and workshop as brewing reacher. She has been active in diverse fields.

In recent years , she moved her base to Hawaii, and established her company called Islander Sake Brewery Hawaii.

Then, Why did she determine to brew Japanese sake in Hawaii? It is because she had as sense of crisis about the present brewer situation in Hawaii. There were a lot of sake brewers in Hawaii, but now there is not one left. The following two points can be given as the reasons for that situation.

1. Climate in Hawaii is not suitable for making sake.                                                    ※Generally sake making is dome during winter when it is cold.

2. The social circumstances such as the prohibition law and World War II gave a big blow to owners of sake brewing company.

When Ms. Takahashi knew that situation, she thought

“I want to do something new without destroying the history of Japanese sake built in Hawaii. If  brewing Japanese sake in Hawaii, I don’t want to use the easy sake manufacturing mechanism, and keep the traditional Japanese sake making method.  Not to end with our generation, but to  for the next generation to take over, I have to make real sake.”
That is how she decided to brew sake in Hawaii. Prior to the start of sake brewing, the following goals were set.
  1. Shark on the liquor bottle label.                                                                                   The shark is a sacred creature in Hawaii, which is considered as sacred as a turtle. The reason for this is that Ms. Takahashi want people in Hawaii to feel that sake is as familiar as a shark.
  2.  In addition to liquor brewing, multiple business developments such as bar management.      In Hawaii, there is a license called SMALL CRAFT PRODUCER PUB LICENSE.  This is a qualification that allows you to conduct multiple businesses such as seminars as well as sake brewing in one place.  Ms. Takahashi seems to be considering opening a bar or seminar that uses this qualification, and finally offers freshly squeezed sake brewed at her brewery and sake ordered from Japan.
Ms. Takahashi said,  “I want to give Hawaiian people the opportunity to learn about sake at my bar, and increase the number of customers who want to go to Japan for a real sake.”
Ms. Takahashi is making preparations every day to start her sake brewing this year.
I was very impressed by the activities of Ms. Takahashi as woman and Miss SAKE. I would like to make this opportunity  a major motivation for my future activities.
 I would like to thank Ms. Takahashi and all the people who were involved in this valuable opportunity.
Sae Haruta, 2019 Miss SAKE Japan.

「2019 全国きき酒選手権大会熊本県予選会」に、2019 Miss SAKE 熊本代表の草野遥が参加してまいりました。

2019 Miss SAKE 準グランプリ(埼玉代表) 冨田梨花が、『令和元年 埼玉地酒応援団総会 in 大宮ソニックシティ』に参加して参りました。


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