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『第13回和酒フェスin中目黒』に2019 Miss SAKE 春田早重が参加して参りました。

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皆様、こんばんは。2019 Miss SAKEの春田早重です。




(左から)フリーアナウンサー あおい有紀様、日本酒スタイリスト 島田律子様



(左から)日本酒スタイリスト 島田律子様、ピアニスト 池田真実子様、ウクレレプレイヤー 新納悠記様、フリーアナウンサー あおい有紀様


和酒フェス実行委員会 代表理事 日下部耐史様と




2019 Miss SAKE 春田早重

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Good evening, everyone. I am Sae Haruta, 2019 Miss SAKE Japan.

On July 20th, I joined “The 13th WASHU FES in NAKAMEGURO” at Nakameguro GT plaza.

WASHU FES for this time, which was held in summer, had a theme and it was to enjoy Natsuzake and sparkling sake. There were more than 170 kinds of sakes from over 39 sake breweries.

This time, I introduced each breweries and the food booths with Ms. Yuki Aoi who is a free announcer and Ms. Ritsuko Shimada who is a sake stylist, and we also held a talk show.

In the middle of the event, there was a music performance by Mr. Yuki Niino who is an ukulele player, and Ms. Mamiko Ikeda who is a pianist. They made a brilliant performance and everyone at the venue had a good time with it.

While talking to the guests who were enjoying Japanese sake, I had a great time with them. I also joined “WASHU FES” held in this spring. As the season changes from spring to summer, you can enjoy seasonally limited alcohol. The changes of the season in Japan brings such a great pleasure to us.

There were many foreign people at the venue and I talked a lot with them. When I was in America, I determined that “I want to spread the charm of Japanese culture.”. While having great conversation with foreigners, I thought my dream is coming true. It is not easy for me to spread the charm of Japanese culture because of language and culture barriers. However, I will try to advance step by step to let people feel the goodness of Japanese sake.

I extend my appreciation to all the people involved. Thank you.

Sae Haruta, 2019 Miss SAKE Japan



『韓国京都青年会議所 第42次 海外地区会員大会』に2019 Miss SAKE 春田早重が参加して参りました。

『愛酒多飲 北海道』定例会に2019 Miss SAKE 準グランプリ・北海道代表の塚原菜実香が参加して参りました。


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