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2019 Miss SAKE 春田早重が平井内閣府特命担当大臣の元へ表敬訪問に伺って参りました。

Sae Haruta, 2019 Miss SAKE Japan, made a courtesy visit to Mr.Takuya Hirai, who is the minister of state for special missions.

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皆様、こんにちは。2019 Miss SAKEの春田早重です。


平井内閣府特命担当大臣は、平成30年より第4次安倍改造内閣にて情報通信技術(IT)政策担当 内閣府特命担当大臣(科学技術・知的財産戦略・クールジャパン戦略・宇宙政策)に就任され、様々な取り組みを行っていらっしゃいます。

(左から)一般社団法人ミス日本酒 代表理事 愛葉宣明、内閣府特命担当大臣 平井卓也様、内閣府知的財産戦略推進事務局長 住田孝之様とともに




国内はもちろん、今後国外でも活動をさせて頂く中で、海外の方の心に響くPRとはどのようなものなのか、ということを心に留めながらMiss SAKEとして日本酒のインバウンドビジネス発展のきっかけとなることができたらと思っております。



2019 Miss SAKE 春田早重

[for English Speakers]

Hello, everyone. I am Sae Haruta,2019 Miss SAKE Japan.

On April 12th, I made a courtesy visit to Mr.Takuya Hirai, who is the minister of state for special missions.

Mr. Hirai is a member of the fourth Abe’s reorganized cabinet and has assumed the minister of state for special missions (science technology, intellectual property strategy, Cool Japan strategy and space policy) who takes charge of information and communications technology (IT) policies since 2018. He has made his best endeavor in various areas so far.

Cool Japan means the charm of Japanese culture which people from the other countries consider as something cool (animation, cartoon, game, fashion, food, traditional culture, design, robot, environmental technology and so on) and Cool Japan strategy is an attempt to develop the economic growth in Japan by taking in the global growth from transmission of information, providing the service and products to overseas and inbound domestic consumption.

While I talked with Mr.Hirai, I realized that there were many common points between Miss SAKE and Cool Japan strategy at the point of spreading Japanese culture to the world and connecting it to Japanese economic growth.

I want to provide the oppotunity to develop the inbound businesses of Japanse sake through Miss SAKE activities both in Japan and overseas. When I communicate with people, I will keep in mind that what is the point to gets one’s heart and aim to give them the best information they want and great impression on Japanese sake.

I extend my sincere gratitude to Mr.Hirai and all the members who concerned in this opportunity for such a precious time in his busy schedules.

Thank you so much for this wonderful experience once again.

Sae Haruta, 2019 Miss SAKE Japan.



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