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インドネシア共和国大使館へ、2021 Miss SAKEが表敬訪問いたしました。

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皆さま、こんにちは。2021 Miss SAKE の松崎未侑です。

先日、インドネシア共和国大使館 教育文化担当 ユスリ・ワルディアトノ様と、公使参事官 メディア・社会・文化担当 メイナルティ・ファウジ様を、弊社団 海外ディレクター 佐生颯平氏の同行のもと、表敬訪問いたしました。




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今後インドネシア共和国と日本の友好の証として、私もMiss SAKEとして交流をさせていただけるのが待ち遠しいです。

お繋ぎいただいた在日インドネシア留学生協会の皆様、お忙しいところお時間を設けてくださいました、インドネシア共和国大使館 教育文化担当 ユスリ・ワルディアトノ様と、公使参事官 メディア・社旗・文化担当 メイナルティ・ファウジ様に心より感謝申し上げます。


2021 Miss SAKE  松崎未侑


[2021 Miss SAKE visited Indonesian Embassy.]


Hello everyone, this is Miyu Matsuzaki, 2021 Miss SAKE.

I visited Mr. Yusli Waldiatno, Educational and Cultural Affairs Officer, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, and Ms. Meinarti Fauzie, Minister-Counsellor, Media and Social Cultural Affairs Officer, accompanied by Mr. Shohei Sasho, Overseas Director of our group.

Indonesia is an island nation located in southern Southeast Asia, straddling the equator and consisting of about 18,000 islands. The capital is Jakarta. It has the world’s fourth largest population of 270 million, and its land area is about five times the size of Japan.
Although the majority of the population is of Malay descent, there are more than 300 ethnic groups.

During our visit, we talked about further cultural exchange between the Republic of Indonesia and Japan in the future.
Although the two countries have completely different populations, ethnics, national systems, they have one thing in common: the culture of fermented foods.

Like Japan’s natto (fermented soybeans), the Republic of Indonesia has its own fried natto called tempeh.
Also, like Japan’s fish sauce or Shiokara, there is also a salted shrimp paste, which is similar in food culture!

I also made a video with a friend of mine who belongs to the Indonesian Exchange Students Association in Japan, talking about our culture: Japan and Indonesia.
[arve url=”https://youtu.be/Kn3K8av2A8U” loop=”no” muted=”no” /]

Also, in Indonesia, there are many people who cannot drink alcohol as Muslims make up more than 85% of the population; however, there is actually a local sake!

Ms. Meinarti told us about “Brem,” an alcoholic beverage made from glutinous rice. So to say, Indonesian version of doburoku.
There is also “Tuak,” which is made by fermenting the sap of sugar palm trees. Likewise, alcoholic beverages are spread all over Indonesia under various names and ingredients such as taro, rice, sugar cane, etc.
I was curious to know what it would taste like.

During our visit, we also saw Indonesian textiles, cutlery, and accessories made of rich materials and colors.

The Republic of Indonesia will celebrate the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with Japan in 2023.
As a sign of the friendship between the Republic of Indonesia and Japan, I can’t wait to be a part of this exchange as Miss SAKE.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Indonesian Exchange Students Association in Japan for connecting me with them, and to Mr. Yusli Waldiatno, Educational and Cultural Affairs Officer, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, and Ms. Meinarti Fauzie, Minister-Counsellor, Media and Social Cultural Affairs Officer, for taking time out of their busy schedules to meet with me.

Thank you very much for making this heartwarming courtesy visit possible.

2021 Miss SAKE Miyu Matsuzaki

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