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ニューヨークで開催された「VINEXPO AMERICA」に2024 Miss SAKE 準グランプリ宮澤麗が参加いたしました*English follows

2024 Miss SAKE 準グランプリ宮澤麗です。

6/24-6/25、ニューヨークで開催されたVINEXPO AMERICAに参加してまいりました。










まだまだ小さな力ではございますが、Miss SAKEの使命の一つとして、海外へ日本酒の存在、美味しさ、楽しみ方を1人1人にお伝えし、日本酒ファンを少しずつ増やしていけるよう今後も努めてまいります。


2024 Miss SAKE 準グランプリ/長野 宮澤麗


Hi everyone!

I’m Urara Miyazawa, the Runner-up/Nagano of 2024 Miss SAKE.


On 6/24-6/25, I participated in VINEXPO AMERICA held in New York.

VINEXPO is a large-scale alcoholic beverage exhibition for wines and spirits held in various countries around the world. There were sections for each country, and exhibitors from not only Japan but also France, Georgia, and many other countries were present. A food show was also held at the same time, which was very crowded with visitors from various countries. I was invited to stand at the exhibition booth of “Monten,” a sake produced by Usui Shoten Co. in Nagano Prefecture. There are four types of sake: Junmai Daiginjo, Junmai Ginjo, Junmai, and Kimoto- Junmai, and I got the impression that many visitors liked Kimoto-Junmai. I was surprised that people from overseas knew about the sake making process! 

There were a variety of people there, some new to sake, some who have had it several times, and some who love it. Everyone was unanimous in saying how delicious sake was. It was the first time for me to feel the appreciation of sake overseas, which made me very happy and reminded me once again of the potential of sake.


For first-time drinkers, I explained the ingredients of sake and what gives each sake its flavor, and for sake lovers, we showed them how to enjoy sake at different temperatures.


In addition to sake, there were also companies exhibiting shochu, liqueurs, Japanese whiskey, and other products at the Japan Corner.

Yonezawa Sake Brewing Company, also from Nagano Prefecture, exhibited next to us. I would like to thank them for their support over the two days.

Although I am still a small force, as part of Miss SAKE’s mission, I will continue to strive to increase the number of sake fans abroad by communicating the existence, taste, and enjoyment of sake to each and every one of them.

Thank you very much for this opportunity.

2024 Miss SAKE Runner-up/Nagano Urara Miyazawa


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