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金銀花酒造様と2021 Miss SAKE 愛知 松崎未侑による【愛知県一宮市市長表見訪問】の様子がケーブルテレビICC様で放送されます

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[English below]

2021 Miss SAKE 愛知代表 松崎未侑です。


その様子が一宮市で放送されているケーブルテレビICC様のチャンネル「街ネタプラス」4月3日(土)17:00~とYouTube チャンネル(放送より一週間限定)で公開されております。

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ラベルは元一宮市長、前愛知県知事 神田真秋氏による、直筆のツインアーチ  138の温かみのある絵です。





Miss SAKEとして【日本酒を通して日本文化を発信する】ミッションを体現できる素晴らしい機会に心から感謝申し上げます。


2021 Miss SAKE 愛知代表 松崎未侑

 【for English Speakers】

Hello everyone.

I’m Miyu Matsuzaki, 2021 Miss SAKE Aichi.

Mrs. Sato from Kinginka brewery and I visited the mayor of Ichinomiya city, Aichi prefecture on 30th of March. Cable TV ICC came to shoot it and to have a brief interview of myself. 

It is being broadcast on the YouTube channel (from 3rd of April to 10th of April) and ICC’s channel “Machineta Plus,” which can be seen in Ichinomiya city. 

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 On that day, we filmed a promotional video for (1) Ichinomiya City, where the brewery is located, and (2) the brewery.

We toured around Ichinomiya’s famous places (138 Tower Park, Masumida Shrine, Sarutahiko Shrine, Iwato Shrine) and asked the Shinto priest about the history and the connection between sake and shrines.

Kinginka Sake Brewery has been brewing sake since the Kyoho era (1716-1736), which is now directed by their female brewer.

One of their flagship sakes, Twin Arch 138, is also available as a Furusato tax item in Ichinomiya City.

The brewery has become an asset to the city over its long history.

I was touched by their gratitude to Ichinomiya city and their wish for further prosperity of their town for the next generation.

I was very honored to have the opportunity to be involved in the “Aichi’s local sake to revitalize Aichi,” which I spoke about in my speech as my aim to become 2021 Miss SAKE Aichi at the Aichi selection. I hope that this video will help the citizens of Ichinomiya rediscover the wonderful resources of their hometown and help people outside of the city learn about the charms of Ichinomiya City.

As Miss SAKE, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for this amazing opportunity to embody the mission of “transmitting Japanese culture through sake.”

I am grateful for Kinginka Sake Brewery, Ichinomiya City Mayor, Masumida Shrine, Sarutahiko Shrine, Iwato Shrine, ICC, Photo+Style, and everyone involved in this project.

Miyu Matsuzaki, 2021 Miss SAKE Aichi

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