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『埼玉地酒応援団総会』に2018 ミス日本酒 須藤亜紗実と2018 ミス日本酒 埼玉代表 武田紗和子が参加して参りました。

Asami Sudo, 2018 Miss SAKE, joined the Saitama SAKE Supporters Gathering at Omiya Sonic City with Miss Sawako Takeda, 2018 Miss SAKE Saitama.

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皆様、こんにちは。2018 ミス日本酒の須藤亜紗実です。

8月2日、大宮ソニックシティにて『埼玉地酒応援団総会』が開催され、2018 ミス日本酒 埼玉代表の武田紗和子さんとともに参加して参りました。


今回の埼玉地酒応援団総会はFM NACK5の人気パーソナリティーでいらっしゃるケイザブローさんの軽快な司会のもと、和やかな雰囲気で進められました。総会には埼玉県知事 上田清司様も参加され、地酒をはじめとした埼玉県の豊かな地域産物をさらに広めていきたい、とご挨拶をしておられました。












2018 ミス日本酒 須藤亜紗実

[for English Speakers]

Hello, everyone. This is Asami Sudo, 2018 Miss SAKE.

On August 2nd, I joined the Saitama SAKE Supporters Gathering at Omiya Sonic City with Miss Sawako Takeda, 2018 Miss SAKE Saitama.


Saitama Prefecture has 34 SAKE breweries and produces the 4th highest amount of SAKE of all the prefectures in Japan.

The Saitama SAKE Supporters are the organization to make SAKE of Saitama more popular, and promote a campaign of “making a toast with SAKE of Saitama.”

This time, Mr. Kiyoshi Ueda, the prefectural governor of Saitama, made a speech telling his will to continue to promote various local products including SAKE.

At the event, special food using local ingredients were prepared and the visitors enjoyed local SAKE and food of Saitama while directly talking with the brewers. 

Our local communities must have their own “local drink”, as it has developed with local food as part of our everyday lives.

And now, SAKE is moving towards an era of innovation. 

By joining the event, I could feel the attraction of SAKE as “local drink” loved by local people as well as its growing power to become “global drink.”

I think since SAKE has both of the sides together, it always provides joy and excitement to everyone. As 2018 Miss SAKE, I’d like to try harder to convey the greatness of our cultural asset, SAKE.

I extend my appreciation to all the people involved in the event.

Asami Sudo, 2018 Miss SAKE 

「岐阜の地酒に酔う2018in大阪」に2018 ミス日本酒 準グランプリ 児玉アメリア彩が参加してまいりました。

『2019 Miss SAKE ブランドパートナー会議』が開かれました。


Miss SAKEブランドパートナー募集

2019 ミス日本酒(Miss SAKE)ブランドパートナー募集


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