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地酒イベント【SAKE Fes in 上田】に、2019 Miss SAKE 長野代表 丸山友理慧が参加してまいりました。

Yurie Maruyama, 2019 Miss SAKE Nagano, participated the local event for only students, “SAKE Fes in Ueda”, at Ueda city of Nagano.

2019 Miss SAKE 長野代表の丸山友理慧です。

5月31日(金)に長野県上田市創造館で開催された”学生限定”の地酒イベント【SAKE Fes in 上田】に参加してまいりました。

上田地域の活性化を目的とし『若者に美味しい日本酒を伝えたい』と長野大学の学生団体「MiU3(ミウシー)」の皆様が企画された”学生の 学生による 学生のための”イベント。





長野県の未来を担う学生の皆様の活気と、上田の酒蔵の皆様の挑戦が、Miss SAKEの活動源に繋がる感動と刺激を多く与えてくださりました。


2019 Miss SAKE 長野代表 丸山友理慧

[For English Speakers]

Hello, everyone.
This is Yurie Maruyama, 2019 Miss SAKE Nagano.

On May 31st, I participated the local event for only students, “SAKE Fes in Ueda”, at Ueda city of Nagano.

Nagano University students have organized “MiU3” to revitalize the city by promoting its local sakes and held this event to grab the heart of young people.

During event, about 300 guests had a great opportunity to enjoy 15 varieties of original sakes cooperated by 5 breweries around Ueda city.

From the beginning to end, the organizers payed a lot of attention to gusts’ safety  by putting on screen for drinking manner’s movie or providing some foods and water to prevent drunk.

It was totally impressed that the number of students were deeply moved by the attraction of original sakes, and also even minors tried to taste AMAZAKE, non-alcohol drink.

Through the talk session that some students asked questions to breweries directly, it seems that they reconfirmed the charm of local sakes with the bounty of regional culture or the environment and felt familiar to sake much more.

The students’ vibrant and the breweries’ high spirits for challenging gave me encouragement to do my best as Miss SAKE.

I am grateful to ”MiU3” members, The breweries for giving this precious opportunity.   

2019 Miss SAKE Nagano
Yurie Maruyama

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