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2018 ミス日本酒 須藤亜紗実が『日本酒造組合中央会 第65回通常総会 懇親パーティー』に参加してまいりました。

On June 7th, I joined the evening party following the 65th general meeting of Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association.

[English Follows] 皆様、こんにちは。2018 ミス日本酒の須藤亜紗実です。

6月7日、明治記念館にて『日本酒造組合中央会 第65回通常総会 懇親パーティー』が開催され、私も参加させて頂きました。




株式会社増田德兵衛商店 増田德兵衛 社長、
浦霞醸造元株式会社 佐浦 弘一 社長
出羽桜酒造株式会社 仲野 益美 社長
株式会社桝田酒造店 桝田 隆一郎 社長にもお会いすることができました。





[for English Speakers]

Hello everyone. This is Asami Sudo, 2018 Miss SAKE.

On June 7th, I joined the evening party following the 65th general meeting of Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association.

Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association was established in 1953 to secure revenue from Liquor Tax and maintain stable transactions of Japanese Liquor, and now it includes members from all of the 47 Japanese prefectures.

To the evening party after the 65th general meeting,

Those who have always supported Japanese alcohol industry from political world, ministries, government offices and breweries all around Japan joined the party. As 2018 Miss SAKE, I was very glad to have an opportunity to directly greet people who have always supported our activities.

And it was a great honor that I could introduce the activities of Miss SAKE on the stage and also have lots of warm words of encouragement to our activities. At the same time, I once again realized my mission as 2018 Miss SAKE to contribute to greater introduction of Japanese culture including SAKE. I’d like to continue to try my best.

I extend my deep appreciation to all the people involved in the party.
Thank you very much for the great experience.

Asami Sudo, 2018 Miss SAKE

元サッカー日本代表監督「フィリップ・トルシエ様を囲む会」に2018 ミス日本酒 須藤亜紗実が参加して参りました。

白鶴酒造様主催『白鶴錦』の田植えイベントに2018 ミス日本酒 須藤亜紗実が参加してまいりました。


2019 Miss SAKE応募受付中

2019 ミス日本酒(Miss SAKE)応募受付中!


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