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SakeTest.comに2023 Miss SAKE最終選考会の記事を掲載いただきました

2023 Miss SAKE 山田琴子です。

Miss SAKEの活動を設立時より見守ってくださっております、在スウェーデン国マルメ日本国名誉総領事Mr Leif Almo様のウェブサイト「SakeTest.com」に2023 Miss SAKE 最終選考会のご報告と、私からの意気込みを掲載いただきましたので、ご報告いたします。



SakeTest.comでは、歴代のMiss SAKEも紹介くださっており、この度2023 Miss SAKEとして私のご挨拶も掲載いただく運びとなり、大変嬉しい限りです。



Mr Leif Almo様、日頃からのMiss SAKEへの温かいご支援を誠にありがとうございます。これを期に、より一層の日本酒の世界への発信に取り組んで参る所存です。

2023 Miss SAKE  山田琴子

The article about 2023 Miss SAKE was published on the website “SakeTest.com”, which introduces sake from different angles in English.

Hello, everyone.
This is Miss SAKE 2023, Kotoko Yamada.

I would love to share that an article about 2023 Miss SAKE was published on the website “SakeTest.com”, which introduces sake from different angles in English by Mr. Leif Almo, the Consul of Japan in Sweden, who has been a kind supporter of Miss SAKE since its establishment.

SakeTest.com” is a website that spreads information about Japanese sake from various perspectives to people around the world. It provides easy-to-understand explanations in English about what Japanese sake is, its types, and how to enjoy it. It has become a treasure trove of information about Japanese sake that I strongly recommend individuals who are interested in Japanese sake to visit this website.

In addition to information about Japanese sake, the website also features information about Japan as a country and the history related to Japanese sake in a way that beginners can understand. By visiting the website, one can learn that Japanese sake is not just a beverage but also embodies the rich culture of Japan, making it a “national liquor” with each drop.

“SakeTest.com” introduces past Miss SAKE winners, and I am extremely delighted that they have included my greeting as 2023 Miss SAKE.

The article can be found here, so please take a look: https://saketest.com/miss-sake

Mr. Leif Almo, thank you very much for your warm support to Miss SAKE. I am committed to further promoting the world of Japanese sake.

2023 Miss SAKE Kotoko Yamada

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