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2018 ミス日本酒 神奈川代表 須藤亜紗実 第2回ナデシコプログラムについて

2018 ミス日本酒 神奈川代表 須藤亜紗実




SNS運用講座:有限会社NATOMI 中村信次郎様

多くの人にとってSNS( Social Networking Service) が日常生活の一部となっている現代では、SNSの有効な運用は個人にとってのみならず団体や企業にとっても大きな役割を担っています。






撮影実践講座:株式会社フォトアンドスタイル 奥村慎之助様、山本香様








for English speakers

On January 21st, 2018, the second day of the Nadeshiko program, we had lectures on SNS utilization and Web literacy by Mr. Nakamura, web adviser of NATOMI Co., Ltd. We also had photo sessions and lectures on photo-shooting by Mr. Okumura and Ms. Yamamoto from photo-and-style Co., Ltd.

These days Social Networking Service has become a part of our daily lives, so the good command of SNS is one of the biggest keys for individuals, companies and a variety of social communities.

In the lecture on SNS utilization, Mr. Nakamura taught us the distinctive features of famous SNSs and some practical know-hows to make effective and favorable posts.

“To whom and what kind of attraction I’d like to convey by SNS.” By the lecture, I realized again the importance of establishing philosophy for myself so as to save and enhance the brand image of Miss SAKE. By utilizing the skills I learned in the lecture, I’d like to try my best to contribute to the virtuous cycle including Miss SAKE and the  SAKE culture itself.

In the photo session, we had our photos taken from both right and left side, and after the shooting, we talked about which side was better for each finalist.

So far, I haven’t been much conscious of the better side to be taken photos. But, I was surprised to see how the poses and expressions differ and the impression does change by the facial direction.

In my case, Mr. Okumura and Ms. Yamamoto told that my impression changes by the facial direction so I can use both sides properly for different purposes.

Usually, I have few opportunities to get such advices and comments. So the lesson was very inspiring with a lot of new findings. As 2018 Miss SAKE Kanagawa, I felt I need further practices and inquiries to give a favorable impression to the viewers of my photos.

Although Nadeshiko program has just started 2 days ago, I felt so grateful to have valuable experiences at each lecture and session. With the gratitude to this great opportunity, I will try my best to put the learning into practice and attend the remaining programs with utmost enthusiasm. I extend my appreciation to all the warm supports for the program. Thank you.

2018 ミス日本酒 ファイナリスト達と有限会社NATOMIの中村信次郎様とのお写真

メイクレッスン💄✨ . [English follows] 皆様おはようございます。 2018 ミス日本酒 神奈川代表の須藤亜紗実です。 昨日は株式会社マニモード 代表取締役で、ミス日本酒公式ネイリストを担当してくださっている山田裕美子先生のプライベートメイクレッスンを受けて来ました✨ . 細かなテクニックもさることながら、 まずは内側からの美の作り方、 そしてマクロの視点で見た自分の顔全体のイメージ作りに始まり、全てが本当に新鮮で、驚きと刺激に溢れた時間でした! . 一人一人の顔はみんな違うからこそ、それぞれの活かし方を知るって本当に大切ですね✨ . わたしは、 ホクロを活かすメイクをしてみては? と提案して頂きました!✨ . ゆみこ先生からたくさんのエネルギーも頂き、本当に素敵な時間でした! たっぷり教えて頂いた後の今日のメイクの時間。 いつも以上に時間はかかったけれども、いつもの何倍も楽しくメイクができました💄✨ . 今日からは、たっぷりお水を飲んで、内側からの美も目指したいと思っています。 . さて、それでは今日もナデシコプログラムで、たくさん学びを得て参ります。 皆様も素敵な休日をお過ごしくださいませ。 . 2018 ミス日本酒 神奈川代表 須藤亜紗実 . Hello, everyone. This is Asami Sudo, 2018 Miss SAKE Kanagawa. Yesterday, we had a makeup lesson by Ms. Yamada, the representative director of MAIN MODE Co. Ltd. . Ms. Yamade taught us how to build up and maintain the inner beauty, and how to show our original faces more attractive. . The lesson was so stimulating with a lot of new findings. And I once again realized the importance of knowing our own faces and characters! #メイクレッスン #メイク #マニモード #mainmode

2018 ミス日本酒 神奈川代表 須藤亜紗実さん(@sudo_asami)がシェアした投稿 –

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