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CAC様に、2021 Miss SAKEの等身大パネルを作成いただきました。

CAC made a cutout of 2021 Miss SAKE to promote a TV show “Aru-talk: Sake, Snacks and Delicious Stories.” [English follows]

2021 Miss SAKEの松崎未侑です。

この度、愛知県半田市と阿久比町を中心に放送されるケーブルテレビCAC様が、私が出演させていただいている『あるとーく 酒と肴と旨い話』のPRに2021 Miss SAKEの等身大パネルを作ってくださいました。



酒蔵や夜の飲食店情報を中心に紹介する、地域密着型情報バラエティ『あるとーく 酒と肴と旨い話』
2月は知多半島東浦町岡田にある、OKD KOMINKA BREWING様と隣接するお食事処 範丈亭様の特集が放送されています。半田市および阿久比町に在住の皆様は是非ご覧くださいませ。


  1. 運転するなら酒を飲まない。
  2. 酒を飲んだら運転しない。
  3. 運転する人に酒をすすめない。
  4. 酒を飲んだ人に運転させない。

日本酒をPRする存在として私達Miss SAKEはこれまでに、飲酒運転防止キャンペーンとして1日警察署長を担わせていただいたことがあります。

等身大パネルはCACチャンネル「優イチオシ」の番組パーソナリティ 中村優一様のものと一緒に、CAC様の玄関口に設置されています。

CAC様は昨年、愛知県随一の規模を誇る『はんだ山車まつり』がはじまるに至った経緯を描いたドキュメンタリードラマ「1979 はじまりの物語」を映画化されました。

「1979 はじまりの物語」HP:https://www.cac12.jp/1979-hajimari/


10月から5回に渡ってゲスト出演をする機会を頂戴し、番組ナビゲーターの女優 宮地真緒様と、じゅんちゃんこと淳二さんからは、カメラの前での立居振る舞いや盛り上げ方などバラエティ番組出演にあたって多くのことを学ばせていただきました。


この度は「あるとーく」への出演を通して、中埜酒造様、澤田酒造様、伊東株式会社様、原田酒造様、OKD KOMINKA BREWERY様へ訪問をさせていただき、古くから醸造業で栄えてきた知多半島の歴史と、各蔵ごとに新しいものに挑戦される変革の様子を目の当たりにさせていただくことができました。地元の魅力やポテンシャルを再認識する機会を頂戴し、感無量でございます。関係者の皆様に心より御礼申し上げます。


2021 Miss SAKE

CAC made a cutout of 2021 Miss SAKE to promote a TV show “Aru-talk: Sake, Snacks and Delicious Stories.”

Hello, everyone.
I am Miyu Matsuzaki from 2021 Miss SAKE.

CAC, a cable TV station that broadcasts mainly in Handa City and Agui Town in Aichi Prefecture, made a cutout of 2021 Miss SAKE to promote a TV show “Aru-talk: Sake, Snacks and Delicious Stories” in which I appear.

We visited CAC’s head office the other day to meet the cutout.
I took a commemorative photo with it, CAC’s president Mr. Kanazawa, director Mr. Moriuchi and cameraman Mr. Ishikawa.
*We took off our face masks only for this photo.
We were told that this panel will be used for PR purposes at various events in the future!
Aru-talk: Sake, Snacks and Good Food” is a community-based variety show that focuses on sake breweries and restaurants.
In February, the program features OKD KOMINKA BREWING and the restaurant Hanjotei next to the brewery in Okada, Higashiura-cho, Chita Peninsula. If you live in Handa City or Agui Town, please take a look.

We would like to remind you to be careful about drinking and driving when you eat at restaurants.
There is a campaign “Don’t Drink and Drive with 4 rules” run by the police department.

  1. If you want to drive, don’t drink.
  2. If you drink alcohol, don’t drive.
  3. Don’t offer alcohol to someone who is driving.
  4. Don’t let people who have drunk alcohol drive.

As a promoter of sake, Miss SAKE has taken on the role of police chief for a day as part of a campaign to prevent drunk driving. We hope you will enjoy drinking sake while following the rules.

The life-size panel is placed at the entrance of the CAC, together with the one of Yuichi Nakamura, the personality of the CAC channel “Yuu Ichioshi”.

Last year, CAC made a film of the documentary drama “1979 Hajimari no Monogatari”, which tells the story of how the “Handa float festival”, one of the largest in Aichi prefecture, came to be held.

The film was released in Aichi last year and seen by over 2,700 people. This year, it will be released in Tokyo, Osaka and Oita in April.
1979 Hajimari no Monogatari” HP: https://www.cac12.jp/1979-hajimari/

CAC is not confined to the boundaries of cable television, but continues to take on the challenge of revitalizing local communities and passing on local history.
In the future, they are planning to make a short film about the stories of Handa and Agui, based on the stories proposed by the viewers.

Since October, I have had the opportunity to appear as a guest on the show five times, and have learnt a lot from the show’s navigators, actress Mrs. Mao Miyaji and Mr. Junji Jun-chan, about how to behave in front of the camera and how to act to make it enjoyable.

I would also like to thank the CAC film crew for their help in creating humorous scripts that complemented our characters and in taking care of us to feel comfortable during the shooting.

We visited Nakano Shuzo Brewery, Sawada Shuzo Brewery, Ito Corporation, Harada Shuzo Brewery, and OKD Komiga Brewery through  Aru-talk, which enables me to witness the history of the Chita Peninsula. I understood that it has long flourished in the brewing industry, and how each brewery is taking on new challenges to develop the tradition even more for the future. It was a great opportunity to reaffirm the charm and potential of our region. I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone involved.

On the 20th of August next year, CAC is planning to hold a public live broadcast at Handa Red Brick. Together with the CAC, I will try continuing to devote myself to local activities.

2021 Miss SAKE
Miyu Matsuzaki

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