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『第6回 日本食文化賞表彰・顕彰式及び祝賀懇親会』に2018 ミス日本酒 須藤亜紗実が参加して参りました。

Asami Sudo, 2018 Miss SAKE, attended the 6th Japanese Cuisine awarding ceremony and the celebration party at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan.

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皆様こんにちは。2018 ミス日本酒の須藤亜紗実です。

昨日11月24日は、日本外国人特派員協会にて開催された、一般社団法人 日本食文化協会様 主催 『第6回 日本食文化賞表彰・顕彰式及び祝賀懇親会』に参加して参りました。





また、式典には元文化庁長官 近藤誠一様、東京家政学院大学 名誉教授 江原絢子様もご出席なさっており、山東様、近藤様、江原様のお三方からは、日本食の持つ「自然」との所縁深さや「四季」との関わり等、世界を魅了する和食の魅力をご紹介いただきました。




「日本酒」「日本食」は古くから私達の社会生活と深く結びついてきた文化の賜物であります。そして現在ではそこに日本の技術力や新たな趣向が加わり、今やSAKEや Japanese Cuisineは多様な魅力の詰まった「日本の宝」と言えるものであると感じております。



(写真左)会の司会進行は、聖心女子大学アナウンス研究会の皆様により行われました。(写真右)一般社団法人 日本食文化 理事長 小俣日出郎様とともに。


2018 ミス日本酒 須藤亜紗実

[for English Speakers]

Hello, everyone. This is Asami Sudo, 2018 Miss SAKE.

On November 24th, I attended the 6th Japanese Cuisine awarding ceremony and the celebration party at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan.

Japanese Cuisine awarding ceremony was organized by Japanese Cuisine Association which has worked to pass down and introduce the traditional Japanese food.

This time, 3 people got prizes for the contribution to the development of Japanese Cuisine. And at the awarding ceremony, I served as assistant presenters. Once again, I offer the prize winners my congratulation and wish continued success.

At the ceremony, Ms. Akiko Santo, a member of the House of Councillors in the Diet, and Mr. Seiichi Kondo, former Commissioner for Cultural Affairs and Ms. Ayako Ehara, professor emerita of Tokyo Case Gakuin University made speeches for us. Their Speech was filled with learning of Japanese Cuisine which has profound connection with nature and has much sense of seasons.

And At the celebration party, I had a chance to make speech for a toast. Through the activities as Miss SAKE, I have felt how splendid to have national alcohol beverage and national cuisine named after our nation. As you know, SAKE and Japanese food are important cultural assets that has long been familiar with Japanese people.

After the toast with Japanese SAKE, I was glad to see the guests enjoy lively conversations with each other while enjoying Japanese SAKE.

Once again, I express the prize winners my congratulations and wish them continued success. And as Miss SAKE. I’ d like to deepen my knowledge on Japanese food and beverage and try harder to convey the greatness to more people.

I extend my deep appreciation to all the people involved.

Asami Sudo, 2018 Miss SAKE 

『JOY OF SAKE TOKYO 2018』及び『全米日本酒歓評会 2018 授賞式』に参加して参りました。

ハワイにて開催された『広島の地酒を楽しむパーティ』に2018 ミス日本酒 準グランプリ 児玉アメリア彩が参加してまいりました。


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