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2017 ミス日本酒の田中梨乃、準グランプリの加藤香が「クボタ新春『夢農業』展示会」に参加しました。

2017 ミス日本酒の田中梨乃です。

アイメッセ山梨にて「クボタ新春『夢農業』展示会」が2日間開催され、2017 ミス日本酒 準グランプリの加藤香さんと共に、両日参加して参りました。







2017 ミス日本酒


Hello, everyone.
This is Rino Tanaka, 2017 Miss Sake.

“Kubota New Year ‘Dream Agriculture’ Exhibition” was held for 2 days at Aimesse Yamanashi, and I participated with Ms. Kaori Kato, 2017 Miss Sake runner-up.

More than 2,500 visitors came in 2 days and everyone was paying a close attention to the products they wanted to purchase.

We welcomed visitors and helped taking photos of them. We were also able to assist with Kanto Koushin Kubota original sake tasting and sale.

As I was greeting at each booth, what a surprise, I got an opportunity to get on a tractor which values more than 22 million yen! The tires were taller than my height and the view from the seat was a masterpiece.

I realized that the automatic driving technology of agricultural machines that enables everyone to operate agriculture safely and efficiently is a key to resolve many problems in the world such as operation under harsh weather conditions, shortage of human resources, improvement of productivity, etc.

Last year, I was able to have a first-hand experience of rice planting and harvesting. Again, I realized that agricultural machinery is a convenient and hopeful way to support the future of agriculture, looking a step ahead of the times.

Thank you very much for this great opportunity.

2017 Miss Sake
Rino Tanaka

2018 ミス日本酒熊本 原田ひかりが、熊本県庁へ表敬訪問させていただきました

2018 ミス日本酒ファイナリスト【第8回ナデシコプログラム】に参加して参りました。


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