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Fermentation Styles of Alcohol 1【Sake, Beer and Wine】(Number 3 in the series)

Hello, everyone.
I am Miyu Matsuzaki, 2021 Miss SAKE.

I have been working on a blog series: A Guide to Japanese Sake: Miss SAKE. You can see other learning materials on sake from the link that follows: https://www.misssake.org/a-guide-to-japanese-sake-miss-sake/

Fermentation Styles of Alcohol 1

【Sake, Beer and Wine】

Alcoholic beverages are either fermented, like sake, wine and beer; or distilled, like shochu, whiskey, and other spirits. In this article, I will explain how the fermentation of sake differs from that of wine. 

Brewing alcohol can be divided into two styles: Single Fermentation and Multiple Fermentation.

Single Fermentation

Single fermentation is simpler than multiple fermentation as you would imagine: just by converting existing sugar into alcohol. When it comes to wine, brewers use grape syrup which contains sugar from the grapes. By using sugar, yeast can produce alcohol and CO2.

Multiple Fermentation

On the contrary, multiple fermentation such as beer and sake needs saccharification, or the conversion of starch into glucose sugar, of grains. In grains: both rice and malt, there is no sugar at a normal temperature. Starch in the grains can turn into sugar by saccharification.

Well, how are sake and beer different? Stay tuned for the next article!

2021 Miss SAKE
Miyu Matsuzaki

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