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A Guide to Japanese Sake: Miss SAKE

Hello, everyone.
I am Miyu Matsuzaki, 2021 Miss SAKE.

I have been studying sake brewing through the activities as Miss SAKE along the course of WSET SAKE Level 3 at The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET). The education trust provides globally recognized education and qualifications for professionals and enthusiasts in wines, spirits, and sake.

With the help of Gaba Man to Man English‘s instructors, I uploaded 9 articles about sake brewing. The contents include Premium Sake, Fermentation Styles of Alcohol, the Sake Brewing Process, and Other Important Elements of Sake. I will introduce some diagrams and detailed explanations of these points.

I hope this assists you in understanding more about the taste and brewing process of sake.


Premium Sake

1【Ingredients】: Junmai Style Sake (Number 1 in the series)
2【Rice Polishing Ractio】: Ginjo, Daiginjo Style Sake (Number 2 in the series)

Fermentation Styles of Alcohol

1【Sake, Beer and Wine】(Number 3 in the series)
2【Differences between Beer and Sake】(Number 4 in the series)

Sake Brewing Process

1【Pre-Brewing】: Rice Preparation (Number 5 in the series)
2【Brewing】: Fermentation (Number 6 in the series)
3【Post-Brewing】: Finishing (Number 7 in the series)

Other Important Elements of Sake Brewing

1【Water】(Number 8 in the series)
2【Koji and Yeast】(Number 9 in the series)

2021 Miss SAKE
Miyu Matsuzaki

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2022 Miss SAKE 山口 鈴木結夢 第19回ナデシコプログラムレポート

Other Important Element of Sake 2【Koji and Yeast】(Number 9 in the series)


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  5. 【種まきベルトコンベアがすごい!種まきの手順を動画で解説 】田んぼでお手伝い

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